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Let us introduce Albert Hartley who is Warrington LG Branch Retired Members Officer



needs remain, for insurance, for holidays, for saving and investment.  UIA will continue to insure your house and you can still insure your car through Frizell at special Unison rates. You can book holidays through the Unison Holiday Club and get a  discount on a visit to Croyde Bay holiday village on the North Devon coast.  A further benefit is continued access to Unison legal services.


I recall representing Warrington for the first time at the Retired Members' Conference in Blackpool. From that I became involved with the North West committee, and with the North West Pensioners association.  Since then I have continued to represent the branch at the  Retired Members conference in various locations across the country.  The range of issues that can be discussed are very wide, but all motions must have one central focus - they must be specifically relevent to retired members and their concerns.  Thus a motion on equal pay would not be admissible, but one about the effect of the continuing closure of rural post offices would be.  But discussing things is only half the story.  Action is taken to further those decisions made, and we see results in such benefits as the government's pledge to reintroduce the earnings link for state pensions in 2012 and the extension of the free bus pass to operate countrywide. 


Many retired members sections organise events.  They can be social or educational.  This is something which we could consider for the future in Warrington, but at the moment the Retired Members' committee consists of just me and so the ability to organise anything is limited by the time I have available. I think most retired members will testify that, despite what you might imagine before retirement, having time on your hands is not a problem.  In fact, fitting in all you want to do is much more the issue.  As you will imagine, I am always happy to receive offers of help.


So there you have it, becoming a retired member gives you continued benefits, things to do and a continuing outlet for your union ideals.  Can you afford not to join?"


If you need more information or encouragement, here are some links to other websites which will give you all the details you need.


The national website is https://www.unison.org.uk/about/what-we-do/fairness-equality/retired-members/ 


The north west equivalent is http://www.unison-northwest.org.uk/index.htm



Albert Hartley

Retired Members' Officer


UNISON’s retired members play an active role in creating a fairer society.

Retired members campaign to improve:

  • legislation
  • pension provision
  • action against discrimination, including age discrimination.

Retired members have a wealth of experience and knowledge that make them a valuable part of UNISON campaigns.

They also work closely with other member groups on almost every issue that affects workers in the UK, as well as fighting for quality public services, on which many older people rely.

Find out more about the issues UNISON is campaigning on that might affect you.

If you have been a UNISON member for at least two years on the day you retire from employment (in an area of work in which UNISON organises) and are receiving a pension and are not in other paid employment, you can become a retired member. UNISON retired members continue to be entitled to a wide range of benefits including:

  • legal advice
  • welfare support
  • discounts and offers on a wide range of products and services.

Speak to your local UNISON branch if you would like more information on joining the retired members’ section.


When I was a boy £15 was considered a lot of money, but these days, it won't buy much.  You could manage to make your fifteen quid stretch to a pub meal for two.  You could put about three gallons of fuel in your car. That is fine if all you want is something which lasts only a short time, but can you buy anything which lasts for the rest of your life?  If you are soon to retire then the answer is - yes you can!  That money will buy you a lifetime membership of Unison. 


You might think that you no longer need the union when you retire.  After all you no longer need to worry about workplace problems. You are about to take your pension, however small or large it may be and you expect to be doing different things in retirement from what you were doing at work.  But even if you do different things the same


Key issues

This section is about the key issues affecting retired members. Each key issue explains the facts behind the issue, what UNISON is doing and how you can get involved. You will also find news articles, useful resources and events.

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UNISON is unique among UK trade unions in having a retired members’ organisation.

Our structure mirrors that of the working members. This means that retired members can participate in UNISON’s democratic processes at all levels.

UNISON organises retired members at every level of the union. Retired members can attend branch meetings and have representation on the branch committee and regional council.

You can also send representatives to national delegate conference.

Retired members’ committees are also represented on regional councils and able to feed views to the rest of the union.

A national retired members’ committee meets regularly.

Each year our retired members’ conference enables retired members from branches to debate the issues important for them and submit two motions to the agenda of the national conference.

See all events and conferences



Interested in becoming a retired member for a one off fee of £15? Why not contact the local UNISON branch office for more details 01925 637924 or email Albert at unison@warrington.gov.uk for a more in-depth look at what the benefits are in joining the retired members section of UNISON.