Warrington Local Government Branch

UNISON Warrington Local Government Branch 


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If you have a work problem or query, get in touch with your UNISON workplace representative or local Branch Office. Alternatively, you can ring UNISON direct on 0800 085 7857.


If you have a membership query, please contact:

Branch Administrator: Shaun Mutch

Telephone: 01925 637927


All other queries to:

UNISON Warrington LG Branch

Town Hall, Sankey Street

Warrington, WA1 1UH
Telephone: 01925 442186/87 


Warrington Local Government Branch of UNISON is run by a branch commitee and supported by skilled staff, locally, regionally and nationally.


Branch chairperson: Elaine Forrest

Email:  eforrest@warrington.gov.uk

Telephone: 01925 637927

Branch Secretary: Pam Howard

Email: phoward@warrington.gov.uk

Telephone: 01925 442186

Mobile: 07825 844032


Branch Secretary: Jason Horan

Email: jhoran@warrington.gov.uk

Telephone: 01925 442187

Mobile: 07816 854018




Workplace Representatives:



Corporate Services Directorate:


Candice Evans                        -                            cevans1@warrington.gov.uk                01925 443412

Elaine Forrest                  -                    eforrest@warrington.gov.uk                  01925 442131


Families & Wellbeing Directorate: 


Lesley Deans                 -                      Cinnamon Brow Primary                       01925 821108

Paul Blair                       -                       Lymm High School                                01925 755458      

Carol Healey                  -                      chealey@warrington.gov.uk                 01925 444233

Alison Evans                  -                      aevans@warrington.gov.uk                  01925 444168

Paula King                     -                       Bridgewater High School                     01925 263919

Iain Smart                      -                       Padgate Academy                                 01925 822632


Environment & Transportation Directorate:


Mark James                  -                                                                                         01925 443036

Clifford McGrath           -                                                                                          Victoria Park


Livewire Warrington:




Culture Warrington:



Catalyst Choices:

Jackie Hinchliffe            -                                                                                           01925 235237



Graham Seddon           -                       Graham.Seddon@homeassistancehub.co.uk

Kathryn Marrs               -                       kathryn.marrs@torus.co.uk                                             01516352524

Steve Bullough              -                      steve.bullough@torus.co.uk                                           07817235551

Sam Hughes                 -                      Samantha.hughes@torusfoundation.org.uk       07718214318


Lafarge Tarmac Ltd:


Vacant                           -                                              



Health & Safety Representatives



Environment & Transportation Directorate:


Mark James                    -                                     Woolston Depot                                    01925 443036

Corporate Services Directorate:




Retired Members Secretary 


Albert Hartley                                                                                                           01925 810788

Labour Link Officer 


Pam Howard                     -                          phoward@warrington.gov.uk           01925 442186


Welfare Officer





Education & Training Co-ordinator



Lifelong Learning Co-ordinator



Equality Officer


Health & Safety Officer



Membership Officer



International Officer


Communications Officer



Young Members Officer (must be under 27 years of age for the whole of their term of office)




All members of UNISON Warrington Local Government branch can attend branch meetings, vote and stand in branch elections and get involved in our campaigns and activities.


We are always looking for people who feel they can contribute to the branch and to helping other members. This could be a regular commitment or just the occasional hour or so. We also provide training courses and support for our reps and officers.  If you feel that you cannot commit to becoming a workplace representative then why not consider becoming a workplace contact.  As a workplace contact you will be sent information throughout the year to pass on to members and to place on notice boards. Contact the branch office if you require more information.