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Union Learning Representatives


What is a Union Learning Representative? (ULR)


A ULR is someone who is passionate about the development of people through learning. They work within the council and encourage union members to learn and develop to help them realise their potential.


They enable other employees, whether in a trade union or not, to find opportunities to develop their skills and abilities.


ULRs also work with employees to identify contributions to their jobs that future learning will make. They also work with the council to negotiate time off for learning and possibly encourage the council to pay the cost of training.


ULR Newsletters


Issue One - July 2012


Want to be a ULR? Call one of the reps below to find out more about how you can get involved



Neil Barlow 01925 458 108














"I became a Union Learning Representative because I am passionate about enabling people to learn and develop existing or new skills. Before this I was a volunteer mentor to young people not in education employment or training for MentorPoint Lancashire. I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping other people to improve their skills and abilities. I enjoy seeing someone else do something they thought they couldn't do because they have been supported by someone who believed that they could do it.

"I'm still new to the ULR role and enjoying lots of challenges coming my way. I'm also pleased with the range of opportunities that are available for me through UnionLearn and the Unison branch to enable me to learn more. Being a ULR is not just about helping others to achieve - it's about you developing as well. The role has opened doors for me that I didn't know were there to be opened. I wasn't sure I wanted to be a ULR - but I'm glad I am now!" 


We Need You!  Why not consider becoming a Union Learner Rep and helping other UNISON members across the council improve there basic skills or just learn a new hobby?


Contact a ULR or the branch office for more information.