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                                                                451 – 999cc                      1000 – 1199cc                   1200 – 1450cc


Essential Users


Lump sum per annum                        £846                                     £963                                      £1,239


Per mile first 8,500                             36.9p                                    40.9p                                      50.5p


Per mile after 8,500                            13.7p                                      14.4p                                       16.4p




Casual Users


Per mile first 8,500                            46.9p                                      52.2p                                       65.0p


Per mile after 8,500                           13.7p                                         14.4p                                       16.4p



UNISON Warrington Local Government Branch


Mileage Rate Update 30th April 2018


Warrington Borough Council Mileage Rates 

45p a mile, with rates subject to any increases by HMRC

Essential Users


Lump sum per annum                £846                                     Grade 8 and above

                                                   £963                                     Grade 1 to 7 

These rates are in line with nationally agreed rates and will be subject to any nationally agreed increases



Employee vehicles: Mileage Allowance Payments (MAPs)

MAPs are what Employers pay employees for using their own vehicle for business journeys.


Rates for 2018 to 2019 are detailed below:


Type of vehicle Rate per business mile 2018 to 2019

For tax purposes: 45 pence for the first 10,000 business miles in a tax year, then 25 pence for each subsequent mile

For National Insurance purposes: 45 pence for all business miles


24 pence for both tax and National Insurance purposes and for all business miles

Cycle 20 pence for both tax and National Insurance purposes and for all business miles



NJC Car Allowances



This circular provides details of the NJC Car Allowances for 2010/11. (Last updated)


The Technical Advisor's report is produced following the agreed NJC car allowances formula and reviewing the allowances which cover standing charges, depreciation, tax and insurance, running expenses (petrol, tyres and servicing/repairs).  The Technical Advisor's report reflects what has happened over the preceding year in relation to all these elements. 



The Employers have now issued the car allowance circular which is detailed below and still remains as of 2017.




                                                                             NJC Circular 1/10

                                                  NJC CAR ALLOWANCES 2010/11




Car Allowances - Part 3 Paragraph 6


It has been agreed that the rates of Car Allowances be revised with effect from 1 April 2010.  The new rates are set out below:


These allowances are based on a price of £111.74p per litre (£507.95p per gallon) for unleaded petrol (Averages are based on actual pump prices in the first two weeks of January [as surveyed by the Automobile Association on behalf of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders] in accordance with the jointly agreed formula for calculating the allowances each year)



Company Car Holders


The mileage rates for Company Cars are advised by the Inland Revenue.  Full information regarding the fuel allowance and how the rates are arrived at are available by clicking the following link:


Government Advisory Fuel Rates


UNISON is undertaking a survey of users who have either currently have a lease car or have had one in the past with NHS Fleet Solutions.

The purpose of the survey is to receive feedback either positive or negative surrounding the scheme and how it may have affected you in terms of your pension fund or future impact on your own personal car insurance.

Please click the link here to access the survey: NHS Fleet Solutions Car User Survey Please return the completed survey to unison@warrington.gov.uk or via post to UNISON, Town Hall, Warrington, WA! 1UH